MAFS Australia airs shocking allegation for Jono and past bride

Married at First Sight Australia took a dramatic turn with shocking allegations involving Jonathan McCullough and his past bride, Ellie Dix, airing during Monday’s (April 22) commitment ceremony.

Tori dropped the bombshell revelation, claiming she heard rumours that Jono had been exchanging messages with Ellie behind his wife Lauren’s back, leaving Lauren feeling “hurt and betrayed.” Determined to uncover the truth, Lauren expressed her intent to investigate Jono’s communication with Ellie.

Upon reading through Jono’s conversations with Ellie, Lauren deemed their relationship “inappropriate,” expressing her dismay. She revealed, “These aren’t just relaying information that has happened the night before, this is more than that, and my stomach kind of dropped.”

At the final dinner party, Lauren disclosed to the group that Jono and Ellie had exchanged over 100 messages, prompting shocked reactions from the experts and fellow participants. Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla highlighted the significance of such communication in a marriage.

Jono clarified to the group that he initiated the conversations with Ellie, contrary to his earlier claims. Despite assuring the group that there was “nothing going on” between him and Ellie, Tori revealed a startling revelation, implying Jono’s lingering feelings for Ellie.

As tensions rose at the dinner table, Lauren expressed her disappointment, feeling embarrassed by the unfolding situation. Jono insisted that the issue had been blown out of proportion.

With the final vows approaching, can Jonathan and Lauren reconcile their differences and salvage their relationship?

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