The Real Reason behind Jess Gale’s Split from Callum Jones Revealed

Jess Gale and Callum Jones called it quits in March amid allegations of infidelity on Callum’s part, with Jess accusing him of cheating with another Love Island star.

The couple’s relationship abruptly ended following a heated argument at Molly Smith’s boohoo launch party in Manchester, where Callum was spotted leaving hand in hand with influencer Thea Thompson. Sources have now shed light on the reason behind their breakup, revealing that Callum, 27, allegedly had a secret fling with former Love Island contestant Anna-May Robey, 21, while still in a relationship with Jess.

In an interview with MailOnline, Jess disclosed that it was her decision to end things with Callum after discovering something “shocking” about him, leading to a breakdown in communication between them.

A source close to the situation shared further insights, stating, “Jess was devastated… she felt very hurt at the time. She had learned of Callum’s fling with Anna-May, which came as a complete surprise to her.”

However, a source close to Callum contested these claims, asserting that he and Jess had ended their relationship prior to his alleged involvement with Anna-May. According to them, Callum believed they had parted ways amicably in March, viewing their split as a mutual decision.

Addressing the end of her relationship with Callum, Jess clarified, “Me and Callum are not speaking anymore… I found out something prior to the event which I addressed.”

Despite rumours suggesting a connection between Callum’s ex-girlfriend Molly and their breakup, Jess emphasised that Molly played no part in their separation. She expressed her shock at Callum’s alleged behaviour and emphasised her focus on moving forward.

Proving that she’s ready to move on from the drama, Jess launched a collaborative project with her twin sister Eve on Wednesday night. The duo has been announced as ambassadors for UK tanning brand SOLSKIN, starring together in a new campaign.

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