MAFS Australia’s Jack Says ‘I’m Sorry’ and tells Tori they’re ‘Not in Love’ in Final Vows

Married at First Sight Australia’s Final Vows continued on Thursday, April 25, as Jack and Tori revealed whether they would commit to each other beyond the social experiment. Their decision followed Jade and Ridge choosing to stay together, while Jono and Lauren split after exchanging brutal vows.

Throughout the experiment, Tori defended her husband’s actions, but uncertainty lingered as Jack expressed doubts about his decision up to the last minute. Tori poured her heart out during her vows, expressing her love for Jack and her willingness to move to the Gold Coast to be with him. She declared, “Jack, I have found the person I never want to stop making memories with. Through thick and thin, I have chosen you each and every day.”

In stark contrast, Jack’s vows were a departure from Tori’s sentiment. He confessed that they were not in love and questioned asking Tori to uproot her life for him. However, in a surprising turn, Jack reversed his decision, expressing his readiness to take a risk and fight for their future together. He declared, “Moving forward with you is a massive risk and it’s a risk I am 100% ready to take. I’d rather jump off the edge and fight for an amazing love-filled future with you than to have never pursued your love at all.”

Viewers expressed their confusion and surprise on X, with many discussing Jack’s unexpected twist in his vows. One viewer wrote, “Wooww Jack’s vows had me on tenterhooks!” while another commented, “There’s the twist, ladies and gentlemen.”

The Final Vows marked a pivotal moment for Jack and Tori, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next chapter in their relationship.

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