MAFS’ Mel Schilling shares heartbreaking update amid cancer battle

Mel Schilling, the relationship expert from Married At First Sight, has provided a poignant update on her battle with cancer. The 52-year-old therapist disclosed her diagnosis last December, undergoing surgery and chemotherapy after experiencing symptoms while filming the Australian edition of the show.

In an interview with UK’s Magic FM on Tuesday, Mel, now an ambassador for the colorectal charity Occtopus, revealed her current struggles. “I’m feeling a little flat today actually, to be totally honest with you,” she admitted. She is currently enduring her third cycle of chemotherapy, likening the experience to a lingering hangover.

Despite the physical toll, Mel remains resolute in her determination to continue working. “This thing is not beating me, I’m here to fight,” she asserted, emphasising her commitment to adapting her workload to accommodate her health needs.

Mel recounted the ordeal preceding her cancer diagnosis, describing severe pain while at work, initially mistaken for constipation by doctors. Concerns escalated when she experienced appetite loss and intense pain during a trip to Ireland with her husband Gareth. Following her return to London, a gastroenterologist raised alarm over her unexplained weight loss.

Subsequent tests confirmed Mel’s worst fears. “We were sitting in his office and the doctor had a blank look and I thought, ‘This doesn’t seem right,'” Mel recalled. “And he said, ‘It’s cancer.'” Despite the shock, Mel shifted into work mode, focusing on the practicalities of her diagnosis.

Mel underwent colon surgery in December to remove the tumour, affectionately named “Terry.” However, further complications arose as the cancer spread into the muscle, necessitating chemotherapy, which she commenced in late February. Throughout her journey, Mel has maintained a steadfast resolve to confront her illness head-on.

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