The MAFS couples that are still together after the final vows

For UK viewers who’ve been following the journey of Married at First Sight Australia on E4, the series is drawing to a close. The social experiment, facilitated by experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling, and Alessandra Rampolla, culminates with the Final Vows and reunion episodes.

With only five couples remaining in the experiment – Tori and Jack, Lauren and Jonathan, Jade and Ridge, Sara and Tim, and Eden and Jayden – viewers eagerly anticipate the outcomes of their relationships. The recent departure of couples like Lucinda and Tim, Cassandra and Tristan, and Andrea and Richard adds to the anticipation surrounding the final stages of the experiment.

In the UK, Final Vows will air over two consecutive nights, providing a crucial moment for each couple to decide the fate of their marriage. However, for viewers keen to avoid spoilers, navigating the internet requires caution, as details of the Australian broadcast may reveal outcomes ahead of time.

While the Final Vows offer closure for the couples on-screen, many cast members have taken to Instagram to share updates on their relationship statuses post-experiment, providing insights for curious fans.

Psychiatric nurse Ridge and executive assistant Jade, initially latecomers to the experiment, emerged as one of 2024’s strongest couples. Despite initial concerns about maturity and distance, the pair have found love and stability outside the experiment, as evidenced by their affectionate posts on social media.

PR and marketing consultant Lauren and health business owner Jonathan faced challenges throughout the experiment, including Jonathan’s failure to defend Lauren during tense moments. Despite efforts to reconcile, revelations of Jonathan’s communication with a former bride led to their decision to part ways at the Final Vows.

Meanwhile, personal trainer Jack and business development manager Tori’s journey took unexpected turns, with Jack’s ambivalent speech during the Final Vows raising eyebrows. Despite initial uncertainties, the couple has since expressed commitment and gratitude toward each other, showcasing their blossoming relationship on Instagram.

As the experiment concludes, viewers remain captivated by the emotional highs and lows of the couples, eagerly awaiting the outcomes of their Final Vows and subsequent journeys beyond the show.

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