This Morning fans beg for beloved duo to ‘take over’ as Cat Deeley’s habit sparks backlash

Fans of This Morning are already suggesting a replacement for Cat Deeley, just a few months after she assumed the co-hosting role on the ITV show alongside Ben Shephard, taking over from Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

However, some viewers are expressing their desire for a new dynamic duo to take over from the former SMTV host, criticising what they perceive as Cat’s “annoying” habits. In today’s episode (May 22), her enthusiasm peaked during a segment featuring Shirley Bassey’s jewelry. Trying on some of the luxurious pieces, Cat radiated joy as she had the opportunity to adorn herself with one of the stunning necklaces.

While Cat appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself, viewers at home weren’t as impressed. Venting their frustrations on social media, they argued that she was “ill-suited for the role,” citing her tendency to “interrupt too much” and her apparent lack of chemistry with Ben.

One viewer expressed their dissatisfaction, stating: “Cat was completely the wrong choice for this job. She’s not settling in and getting worse. Talking over people, interrupting, zero empathy or rapport with guests. Ben is definitely getting increasingly frustrated with her. Epic fail. #ThisMorning”

Another viewer remarked: “I sense such an uncomfortable tension between Ben and Cat. If I’m correct, it’s a shame because neither will be enjoying their new job! #ThisMorning”. A third viewer commented: “Cat really needs to calm down and let other people talk #ThisMorning”

Many others echoed these sentiments, indicating that the partnership wasn’t clicking. One fan observed: “Ben is definitely growing tired of the Cat Deeley show, especially during the segments on diamonds and cooking. He can’t get a word in #thismorning” While viewers aired their grievances, some proposed a replacement for the ITV show – Rob Rinder and Rylan Clark.

A viewer suggested: “I’ve said it before, Rob Rinder and Rylan should host this, they’d be great #ThisMorning.” Another viewer concurred, saying: “Rylan and Rob to present This Morning #ThisMorning”. Yet another viewer wrote: “They should get Rylan and Rob to present #thismorning.”

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