Married at First Sight’s Mel Schilling shares health update following cancer diagnosis

“Married at First Sight” star Mel Schilling has provided another update on her health as she continues her battle with cancer.

The relationship expert was diagnosed with colon cancer late last year and has since undergone surgery and chemotherapy, keeping her fans informed about her progress.

In a recent interview with OK! Magazine, Mel candidly discussed the difficulties of undergoing chemotherapy, stating that she is “about halfway through and it’s getting hard.”

“Feeling fatigued and nauseous is a bigger part of my everyday life. It feels like I’m hungover or pregnant every day, which is not fun,” she shared.

“In true ‘me’ fashion, the day we moved was the day I started chemotherapy – I don’t do things by halves,” added Mel, who recently relocated from Australia to the UK with her husband Gareth and daughter Maddie.

“It’s been a tricky time as I’ve been adjusting to going through that and moving house. But Gareth has been doing most of the move so I’m very lucky he’s happy to pick up the slack.”

Despite her treatment, the reality star has continued working, which she says has positively impacted her mental health.

“I’ve had to adjust my work schedule so the chemotherapy isn’t near when I’m filming something – I like to make the most of my energy,” she explained.

“Working is so important to me, and while it does take energy from me, it gives me energy too – I get so much out of my work and I need it. If I had to sit on the couch and watch TV all day I’d probably go crazy. So I’m juggling not just my physical health but my mental health too.”

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