Jack Reveals MAFS Australia Producers Forced Him to Change His Vows ‘Six or Seven Times’

Let’s dive into it: it’s evident that the producers of MAFS Australia 2024 really wanted viewers to believe that Jack might not commit to Tori during his final vows, with his speech seeming scattered. However, in the end, the couple decided to stay together. Yet, Jack has since disclosed that his original vows to Tori were rejected multiple times by the MAFS Australia 2024 producers.

Jack shared with PEDESTRIAN.TV: “It’s important to note that you get a brief and it’s a TV show. The vows need to be entertaining, hence why we ended up with that cliffhanger. Our vows needed to be approved. They were rejected six or seven times until they kind of went down the theme of what production were looking for.”

He continued, “It’s not how I would have come out and said my vows to Tori, like I could read you something now that I would have much preferred but they have to be approved. There’s a process for entertainment value and that’s why the episode was such a cliffhanger. But at the end of the day, we knew we were leaving together and those final lines on my vows and the final lines on Tori’s vows were the only thing we cared about.”

Tori echoed the confusion, saying, “As I was listening to those vows I was like, ‘what is he talking about? This isn’t what we spoke about’.”

In a conversation with the Daily Mail, Tori confessed feeling pressured by producers to leave Jack hanging during the final vows. She disclosed, “I think there was definitely a lot of outside pressure for me to walk away from Jack at the final vows. There was no reason for me to walk away. They wanted me to leave him. And when I wouldn’t leave him, I had to express concerns through my vows. And again, that took forever for them to approve.”

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